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The FURTIF swivel chair with its fabric interior and PU exterior will be very easy to maintain. The shape of the enveloping seat follows your body precisely and will adapt perfectly to your morphology. Cutting off the bottom of the backing will allow for easy cleanup (crumbs, etc.).
Seven colors to choose from.

  • Outside support.
  • Trim: 100% polyurethane.
  • Inner backing: fabric.
  • Feet: gray epoxy metal with protective pads.
  • PU: polyurethane.
  • Padding: seat and backrest HR 31K / m3.
  • Seat height: 49 cm.
  • 90° swivel seat (right/left) with automatic return.
  • To be assembled with instructions.

    Width: 93 cm
    Length: 64 cm
    Height: 49 cm

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